The Friendly Cynic

On this page we aim to provide links to useful articles and even some of our own short papers that we hope will give an example of our independent thoughts.

The reason behind the name of this page is simple. Most good investors that we’ve met take into account potential downside risk factors first and foremost in order to protect wealth.  This is a crucial premise to accumulating wealth it as new opportunities for growth will always arise but having the capital to take advantage of these is crucial.

However in a world that has built industries with misaligned incentives we feel that it’s important to have a healthy amount of cynicism.

BSP hope to navigate our way through the minefield of misinformation and navigate around irrational markets. We aim to align our interests with investors, tailoring solutions to meet individual needs and explain risks clearly to help manage expectations.

We won’t get it right every time………but we aim to align our incentives so that we share in the overall success of our clients.

More to follow……..